Tamemap: Social Event App「ためまっぷ」

Tamemap Social Event App: Empowering Community through Information and Collaboration.


Introducing the “Tamemap” event information service in the city of Kunisaki, Oita Prefecture – a collaborative effort by “Tamemap Kunisaki” for disseminating regional and business-related information.

Operated and supported by “Tamema Corporation,” a local business development firm in Kunisaki City, and “Future Enterprise College Corporation,”.

Tamemap aims to supplement regional activity information trough promoting entrepreneurship and employment support.

The service was launched back on May 27, 2019, marking the initiation of the first-of-its-kind “Tamemap” service in the Kyushu area.

Tamemap: Social Event App Features

Key Features:

i. Local Insight: Tamemap provides insights into Kunisaki City, located in the northeastern part of Oita Prefecture, with a population of 27,082 as of October 2018, covering an area of 318.10 square kilometers.

The city is actively addressing challenges such as Tokyo-centric population concentration, thus facilitating the younger generation’s aspirations for employment, marriage, and child-rearing, and resolving region-specific issues.

Through initiatives outlined in the “Kunisaki City Population Vision” and “Kunisaki City Town, People, and Job Creation Comprehensive Strategy.”

ii. Business Collaboration: Tamemap is supported by Future Enterprise College Corporation, focusing on entrepreneurial development for Kunisaki City.

iii. Community Visualization: Established in 2014, Tamemap is an information dissemination support company for regional activities using IT.

With five years of operational and support experience, Tamemap visualizes local collaborative activities that often go unnoticed.

The aim is to seamlessly connect individuals who wish to share information with those seeking it, preventing social isolation, and fostering mutual assistance within the community.

iv. Population Sustainability: Tamemap aims to contribute to halting the decline in population by introducing a mechanism for entrepreneurship and employment support within local activities, specifically tailored for Kunisaki City.

v. Event Information Consolidation: The service consolidates both public and private event information, simplifying accessibility and fostering regional revitalization.

About Tamemap Corporation:

  • Company Name: Tamemap Corporation.
  • Representative: Yoshihiro Shimizu (Regional Power Creation Advisor).
  • Address: 1-8 Tsurumicho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • Established: May 2014.
  • Capital: 26 million yen.
  • Business Activities: Operation of “Tamemap,” a community bulletin board for everyone, operation, and support for services targeting local governments and organizations.

About Tamemap Social App Service:

Tamemap social event app is a service that visualizes information on regional activities, therefore accessible via smartphones and computers.

Using patented technology, users can easily post and view flyers related to local activities, narrowing down to nearby areas (500m to several km) and browsing them chronologically.

The service for local governments, developed in collaboration with Nagata Ward, Kobe City, demonstrated a 1.5 times increase in participation from childcare generations in senior-led community activities within four months.

The service encourages multi-generational interaction in various fields from daily life to destination tourism.

Thus promoting intergenerational mutual support and sustainably addressing issues related to an aging population and declining birth rates.

The app is currently in consideration for nationwide adoption.

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Key Features

  1. Local Insight.
  2. Business Collaboration.
  3. Community Visualization.
  4. Population Sustainability.
  5. Event Information Consolidation.




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