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Gain access to industry specialized software engineers to assist in your business technology solutions that truly sets you apart from your competitors.

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Mobile Apps






Years of Experience


Transforming Businesses Across
Several Industries


Working with several companies in the health industry enriched our expertise in digitalizing their medical organization while being compliant.


Robust automotive software for manufacturers with process automation to build their brand and serve engaging customer experiences.


From idea validation to MVP development for startups, we take care of it all. Delivering bespoke solutions to complex startups is where we excel at.


Transform your educational organization with innovative educational apps that make learning fun and rewarding while delivering a smart & secure LMS experience.

E-Commerce & Retail

Helping Retail and eCommerce owners adopt digital innovations with feature-rich & scalable solutions to meet the growing demands of their consumers.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Accelerate your fleet operations via digital transformation of transportation & logistics. From sales automation to live tracking, you’ll receive the bespoke experience you’re looking for.


Benefits of Working With Industry
Expert Engineers

Optimize Delivery Terms

By leveraging our specialized industry knowledge, you can reduce the time and cost of your projects. Our developers are familiar with your industry and its market needs which helps them to make technical decisions faster based on your feedback.

Accurate Technical Solutions

We do not bombard you with technological analogies to derail your project. Our experience in developing solutions for specific industries enables us to anticipate the exact technologies required for your project without sacrificing your architecture's features, flexibility, or scalability.

Scale With Industry Expert Developers

Impala Intech provides comprehensive training for new team members. Through workshops and regular knowledge-sharing sessions with Sr Devs, we ensure that developers acquire the exclusive knowledge & skills required to deliver your project.

Receive Unique Growth Guide

Impala offers more than just a team of professional developers but also all our knowledge and expertise in the subject matter. As we have walked your path and launched our own SaaS products, we know how hard it is to get it right. Thus we offer free IT Consultation because we understand how easy it is to get derailed.

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