Workzone Customer Portal Upgrade

We created an updated customer portal for a safety equipment rental service that offered better customer service and overall improvement of the workplace procedures


Client’s Goal - Client Information Management System

Our client was an equipment rental company in the safety industry located in the US region. The client wanted to upgrade their customer portal with

  • Client management information system
  • Reporting functionalities
  • Improved customer support
  • Automated support report

The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • Finding possible manual processes that can be automated or brought into the portal
  • Mapping conveniences
  • Bringing features into the app with minimal development cost/ time

Technical Challenges

  • Upgrading an existing client portal
  • Syncing the portal with an existing ERP system
  • Updating and integrating a new architecture

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Improvised UI/UX

A newer, better UI/UX allows for a smoother user journey with appealing visuals that attract more users

Simplified Graphical User Interface

A simple GUI that makes it easier to find all information, and guides users through the entire process with a self-help management system

Complete Sync With ERP

All data presented in the app is synced with an ERP system, making it easier for the app to offer reports based on individual client information

Automated Reports

Detailed reports with data from the ERP and all reports are filled with individual client information

Visualized Information

All report-related information is visualized to simplify the understanding process of all clients


Our Tech Stack

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The Success of Our Solution

The solution increased ease of use for all the customers of the client with a better support system and automated reports.

The updated solution also matches the self-help nature of the application and allows one to submit tickets faster and get detailed reports.

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