Smart Office Automation Application For IT Agency

Impala Intech created a smart office automation solution from scratch to assist and accelerate office management processes

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Client’s Goal - Utilizing Automation For Higher Accessibility

Our client for this project was a renowned IT Agency based in New York, and they wanted to transform their onsite work experience with the power of AI and automation.

Further details about the client are kept confidential in compliance with the NDA


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • Automating workspace to create an immersive experience for all office employees
  • Bringing the entire office infrastructure under automation as a part of digital transformation of the company

Technical Challenges

  • Creating a smart device maintenance app from scratch
  • Implementing multiple wireless sensors and dongles that can allow control to users through the app
  • Creating a detailed report system for all connected devices, their power consumption and current status, as well as resource savings

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Smart Device Connection

The app allows the user’s mobile device to connect with any device present in the room equipped with smart devices

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Task Scheduler

Users can access each room individually to automate or schedule tasks (i.e. A.C. dropping down to a certain temp)

Security Management

The app helps users maintain parameter security by locking electronic devices, only allowing unlocking through authorization

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Analytics Dashboard

Office space owners can track the total amount of active devices, as well as the amount of energy saved through smart management


Our Tech Stack

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The Success of Our Solution

Our client managed to automate their entire organization, starting with the IT department itself. The automation resulted in better user access, better control over the office environment and practices that helped shape an ideal workplace atmosphere

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