Progressive Web App For Staff Management

The development team at Impala Intech created a Progressive Web App (PWA) for our client for effective staff management

Client’s Goal - Improved Management Through PWA

The client struggled to maintain multiple staff management tasks and wanted to improve the following aspects

  • Tracking employee shifts
  • Tracking employee availability
  • Tracking employee payment
  • Training requirements

The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • Solving data transfer delays
  • Ensuring stable business flow

Technical Challenges

  • Creating a stable software solution for streamlining workflow
  • Improving employee management through software

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

User Roles For Even Task & Data Distribution

The solution implied three major roles for all employees within the client organization: Superadmin (The client), Admins (Managers), and Users (Hired drivers)

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard allows Admins to invite other users once they register on the app. The invitation is sent through email, and the events they create for users determine the type of subcontracts


The PWA facilitates the communication between both parties and sends a form to newly invited users once they fill out the form

Push Notifications

Once a member, drivers get push notifications for different events making it easier to prioritize tasks

Real-Time Tracking

The app tracks all driver activity and updates in real-time, allowing faster collaboration between the driver and the managers


Our Tech Stack

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The Success of Our Solution

Our newly designed app allowed our client to increase their staff management efficiency by 43% by increasing activity management capabilities and real-time progress tracking.

The application has also been improved to be as user-friendly as possible by integrating automation for multiple processes.

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