Dedicated Web Development Team For Zahedee Foundation

Impala Intech offered a dedicated web development team to create a website for the Zahedee Foundation, a renowned charity organization

Logo of Zahedee

Client's Goal - A Website Where Kindness Is Spread

The client wanted to create a website for the charity organization to showcase their charity to spread the message of kindness among others and inspire charitable works around the country


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • Showcasing different charity events held on different occasions
  • Increasing awareness of the necessity of charity

Technical Challenges

  • Creating a website with highly accessible UI/UX
  • Creating an animated showcase of all charity events performed by the organization

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Easy-To-Navigate Interface

All the pages of the website, including the landing page are designed with user convenience in mind, and visitors can navigate to any section with a single click

Beneficial Resources

The website contains details about different medicines released by the client which helps patients, doctors, and other visitors to learn more about the products the client deals with


Our Tech Stack

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css3 logo


Figma Logo


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The Success of Our Solution

The website helped the foundation to get more recognition and reach more people with their assistance.

The website also allowed all like-minded individuals and other charitable organizations to connect through the necessary contacts found on the official website

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