Medical Appointment Solution Development

Impala Intech created a medical appointment software solution for a MedTech Firm for this project

Client’s Goal - Medical Appointment Made Easy

Our client was a Singapore-based MedTech Firm wanted to create a medical appointment software to streamline the entire appointment process while providing additional conveniences


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • The client wanted a solution where the tedium of finding a specialist doctor wouldn’t exist
  • Booking appointments will be easier
  • The solution will contain data-tracking
  • The solution will offer record maintenance through the data-tracking process

Technical Challenges

  • Implementing a large database to store and provide access to the right data
  • Implementing user access controls
  • Developing a convenient GUI for better accessibility
  • Creating multiple user interfaces for different access levels

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Web Interface for Patients

Patients can store and access their information on the solution by creating an account. The patient account can store all prescriptions, reports, and details of past visits

Web Interface for Doctors

The doctors can use their accounts to maintain their appointment schedules, access medical information of individual patients per requirements, and track past appointments

Web Interface for Admin

Admin accounts allow access to different users to the database of the solution based on user priority. For example: a patient will not have access to confidential medical documentation that is for the doctor’s eyes only


Our Tech Stack

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JavaSpring MVC


The Success of Our Solution

The appointment solution made the booking process highly convenient since the solution is also available through the mobile app, increasing the rate of appointments made by patients all around the world by 28% for our client

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