Fuel Monitoring Software Development

This infotainment solution was created to help car owners monitor fuel consumption and compare the quality of price and fuel at different gas stations. The software can also determine the optimal speed for optimal fuel consumption

Client’s Goal - Complete Fuel Monitoring Facilities

The company wanted to deliver a solution that would increase the convenience of clients to provide them better user experience and in turn, get more brand recognition


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • Ensuring customers of the client were getting quality fuel
  • Offering predictions for better vehicle maintenance
  • Increasing car lifespan by tracking fuel consumption quality

Technical Challenges

  • Creating a solution to collect data on different instances
  • Calculating the most optimal solution based on all collected information
  • Implementing multiple compatible sensors to collect data from different parts of the car

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Fuel-Up Auto-Detection

The sensors detect whenever the car is refueled and includes the instance in the report.

Fuel-Up History Tracking

The auto-generated report by the system can help users track car fueling history by storing previous records

Current Trip Details Display

A visual dashboard shows the total distance travelled and the amount of fuel consumed so far, as well as average fuel consumption for the concurrent trip

Trip Confirmation

Detects stops and asks for confirmation to “start new trip” or “continue trip”

Statistics Preview

Shows statistics charts for “Fuel efficiency”, and “Cost of speed”


Our Tech Stack




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The Success of Our Solution

The solution makes additional recommendations for users in case they’re refilling in different countries and also for international trips

Users of the solution also managed to save costs on refueling while maintaining fuel quality.

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