Fleet Management Solution Development For Radiant Distributions Limited

Impala Intech created a fleet management solution for one of the largest distributors of medical products in Bangladesh

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Client’s Goal - Complete Digital Fleet Management

The client, Radiant Distributions Limited is one of the largest medical product distribution companies in Bangladesh, and they required a fleet management solution that could keep track of all delivery vehicles.


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

The client required a fleet management solution that is suitable both for corporate and individual users who want to trace their vehicles. The solution included

  • Multiple Tracking Devices
  • Embedded Application
  • Customer Service Tool

Technical Challenges

  • Implementing GPS features to track exact vehicle location
  • Collecting individual vehicle details through multiple adapters
  • Creating a web application to access and manage all data

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Web Application

The web application that fetches car coordinates and operation-related data such as breakage reports, info on when the engine is started or turned off, vehicle speed, etc.

Data Transmission

Then the data is transmitted via GSM to the database. Further, the data is transformed into route lines displayed on a map using Microsoft MapPoint.

Route Monitoring

The owner of a vehicle can log into the web application and see the routes of their vehicle. The routes can be narrowed down by setting multiple filters such as period, transport type, etc.

Route Information Display

Depending on the type of vehicle, the stops are breakages are marked with different signs, and the routes are shown in different colors.

Accessible Vehicle Information

The solution provides detailed information on vehicle stops, breakage, or speed

Speed Limit Alert

The vehicle owner will receive information in case a vehicle exceeds speed limits

Alert For Unplanned Stops

A vehicle owner can receive information in case any vehicle makes an unplanned stop


Our Tech Stack

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The Success of Our Solution

As of now, the tracking system is providing more optimal information for all distribution vehicles. With the suggestions of the solution for optimal routes for each vehicle, all deliveries are now much faster, enabling higher efficiency in product delivery.

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