Competency-Based Training & Assessment Tool Development

Impala Intech created a training assessment tool for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh

Client’s Goal - Improvised and Futuristic Training Approach

Radiant Pharmaceuticals wanted to improve the way aviation personnel handle Dangerous Goods by introducing a new training & assessment approach


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

  • Shifting focus from theoretical knowledge to practical skills
  • Certifying employees’ training under the simulation from the client
  • Increasing efficiency of the staff at their objectives
  • increasing overall organizational efficiency

Technical Challenges

Fulfillment of the client’s request required a software solution automating competence assessment in a real-life training environment


How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Scalable Architecture

Designed the architecture with scalability in mind and can be appended with multi-language support, different authentication solutions & integrations, extensions to the 3D Module, etc.

Creating A Sense of Reality

Implemented cutting-edge technologies such as Babylon.js to foster swift web-based app development and build a compound 3D module giving users a sense of interaction with real items

Training and Assessment Scenario Builder

The builder lets the chief instructors smoothly create various scenarios and sessions for students by compiling different scenarios

Implementing 3D Models

3D Module generating detailed 3D models of dangerous goods in aviation (incl. scratches, cracks, stains, etc.) that users can interact with (e.g. rotate, zoom, pin stickers, change the text on stickers, etc.)

Integrating Administrative & User Management Modules

These modules allow the creation of virtual classes, unite students in classes, manage the list of all users, etc.

Building An Accessible Dashboard

The dashboard displays all the main user roles (e.g. System Administrators, Students, Instructors) with information like overall activity statistics on the platform, assessment results, current training progress, etc.

Building Reporting & Analytics Modules

These modules are exclusive for system administrators, and they can use them to track general students’ performance, their lowest & highest scores per session, etc.


Our Tech Stack



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The Success of Our Solution

The client is currently implementing the solution in all its branches worldwide to offer better training to the staff assigned to handling Dangerous Goods. Due to the solution simulating real-life situations, the students are receiving better training in handling Dangerous Goods in real-life environments.

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