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Big Data Analytics Solution Development

Impala Intech implemented a big data analytics solution for a popular logistics company

Client’s Goal - Increased Big Data Efficiency

The client for the project was a leading market research company based in the US. They required a solution that could increase efficiency for big data analysis in the marketing & advertisement industry.


The Challenge for Impala

Business Challenges

The client wanted a system that could

  • Cope with the continuously growing amount of data
  • Analyze large amounts of data faster
  • Prove to be future-proof

Technical Challenges

  • Creating a system infrastructure that can handle large data structures
  • Enabling comprehensive advertising channel analysis
  • Migrating all their procedures from an old system to a new one

How Impala Intech Made it Possible

Parallel Operations

We ensured that both the old and new system were operating in parallel as per the client’s request

Data Preparation

It takes data from multiple sources like tv views, mobile device browsing history, etc. The module is capable of processing 1000 different types of raw data by transforming, parsing, merging or loading it into the systems

Data Warehouse

The system linked user ID’s from different data sources according to the mapping rules, and ETL for the entire block was written in Python

Desktop Application

The new system enabled a cross analysis of almost 30,000 attributes and built intersection matrices allowing multi-angled data analytics for different markets


Our Tech Stack


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

hadoop logo



The Success of Our Solution

The client was able to analyze and gather insights from almost 30,000 attributes and expand the customer analysis process.

The updated system can now solve queries 100 times faster than the previous outdated system.

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