What is Mendix? and Why You Should Consider Low Code


The current software development market can be compared to a Grand Prix race. Everyone’s rushing for perfection while trying to reach the market as soon as possible. Our tech stack is our fuel, and the finish line is the completed product.

What Is Mendix, And Why It's Perfect For Your Startup what is mendix

While you cannot win every single time, the chance of getting ahead of your competitors has been made possible with low-code product development. Mendix is the current leader in low-code development, according to domain experts.

Today, let’s introduce you to Mendix, its benefits, and the endless possibilities it can provide.

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a high-performing and high-productivity software development platform that allows you to create, deploy, maintain, and improve native mobile and web apps at scale.

Mendix has been designed to fast-tracking the entire delivery process for responsive applications. Mendix is a cloud-native solution, so deploying your apps post-development is much easier.

Mendix: Low Code, No Code, Or Both?

Yes, Mendix is a low-code platform. Industry experts and leaders have named Mendix to be the best for “Enterprise Low-Code Platforms” in the “2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant(TM)” and the best Low-Code Development Platform For Professional Developers in “Forrester Wave.”

What Is Mendix, And Why It's Perfect For Your Startup what is mendix
What Is Mendix, And Why It's Perfect For Your Startup what is mendix

Though Mendix is a well-established low-code development platform, Mendix also offers no-code tooling services, making Mendix the best of both worlds.

With Mendix, anyone with little to zero experience in coding can create amazing software, and all complex features can be easily implemented with low-code development through a visual model.

Mendix Studio is the no-code variant dedicated to non-technical business personnel building applications without prior coding experience based on their primary business idea.

Mendix Studio Pro is geared toward seasoned developers who wish to create more complex apps. Mendix Studio Pro is a desktop app that allows developers to integrate key features with complex logic and custom coding within each building block if needed.

Use Cases of Mendix

The primary use of Mendix comes down to automation and streamlining of the development process to create high-quality applications and release them within a short time window. With Mendix, anyone with the right idea can create an awesome product quickly.

Sounds too good to be true? The simplicity and variety of Mendix give it the reputation of being the most comprehensive tool that pretty much anyone can use. This diverse pool of solutions includes:

  • Progressive & Responsive Web Applications
  • Native Mobile Applications Based on React Native
  • In-App Collaborations And Testing Solutions
  • Dynamic Customer-Facing Apps Integrated With Internal Systems

And, of course, these solutions can be achieved completely with little to no coding.

Benefits of The Mendix App Platform

You might think, “It’s already a platform so easy that it has near zero coding necessities. What more could I ask for?” But yes, there are many more benefits to Mendix, and let’s look at the top ten.

1. Allows Flexibility and Higher Adaptability

The modern software industry is changing almost every day, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep up with said changes by following traditional practices.

With Mendix, you get to join the cool dev club with higher flexibility and adaptability with any modern system and tech stack, keeping you up-to-date with the tech stacks and their solutions 7 times faster than anything else.

2. Reduces Development Time

We all know those coding moments when you lost sleep for weeks because you forgot to put “;” in line 542, and the compiler doesn’t want to tell you what’s wrong either.

Of course, this scenario wastes a lot of development time. When you opt for a low-code platform like Mendix and cut out the coding process, you reduce the time by cutting out human error elements.

With Mendix, automating most of the development process is easier since Mendix supports artificial intelligence integration.

3. Enables Fully Native Mobile App Creation

Mendix allows you to create mobile applications that are based on React Native. With low-code and no-code facilities, it’s very easy for you to create a mobile version of your web app to reach more members of your target audience.

4. Offers A Complete Solution As A Life Cycle Management Tool

Mendix isn’t just a development tool that can create programs without extra code. Mendix also offers you facilities that you can utilize for life cycle management.

Whether you are in the ideation phase, creating the app, or deploying and testing, Mendix has got your back. Different Mendix features allow you to optimize each phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

5. Streamlines Workflow

With Mendix, you don’t have to choose between on-premise or cloud. With Mendix, you can create an application on-premise anytime. Since Mendix is cloud-native, to begin with, your application is one click away from getting uploaded to your private cloud servers and becoming a hybrid cloud application.

6. Helps Create Stronger IT Partnerships

Business processes and development should always collaborate for the best outcomes. Sometimes, the business requirements and needs don’t translate well in the development life cycle.

With Mendix’s low code environment, the developers can comply with more complicated business requirements as they can implement the new features with less hassle, and it only promotes better collaboration between the business executives and the development team.

The built-in collaboration tools only make the process even easier for everyone involved.

7. Feedback Loops Are Tighter

Feedback loops can get out of hand pretty easily when you have to juggle the opinions of multiple front-end devs, back-end devs, mobile app experts, and so on.

Taking feedback from just one experienced Mendix developer cuts out all the noise and allows you to exchange and act on frequent feedback loops with more efficient feedback management.

8. Constant Benefits From Regular Updates

Mendix comes in with many features from the get-go, and there’s something new every day, whether it’s a whole new feature or an update to a pre-existing one.

When all the features are constantly improving while the Mendix team is adding new ones, you can gain new capabilities to scale your application higher with little effort, improving app functionality and user experience.

9. Talents Are Easier To Find And Train

Mendix offers lots of free online training and toolkits that allow any beginner-level developer to pick it up, learn the intricacies, and start product development.

Since Mendix skills are easy to pick up through abundant resources, talents are much easier to find, and you can train them even further by introducing your requirement to them, so they can experiment with the best development path that matches your business goals.

10. Simplifies SAP Integration

Mendix simplifies the process of SAP integration by letting you choose a dedicated connector to work with SAP entities. It’s a great step from the classic API requests and can save you time and money.

Why Mendix Is The Best Choice Right Now

Many different software development platforms exist in the current market, but none offers an approach to the application development process more sophisticated than Mendix.

Many companies in the current market are trying to automate and optimize their software development life cycle, along with aiming for complete digital transformation. Here’s the million-dollar question: “How do you reach the goal before them?”

The answer, of course, is Mendix. It’s the most cost-effective way to enter the market and make your place among the best. Mendix also can help you streamline the business proceedings and communication between the stakeholders, the business, and the IT department.

How Impala Intech Can Be Your Perfect Mendix Partner

Think Mendix is the best fit for your current needs? Or are you still not sure about the right choice? In either case, feel free to contact us at Impala Intech.

We’re ready to offer complete support while our developers bring your dreams to life with Mendix app development.


What Is Mendix?

Mendix is a software development platform that offers both low-code and no-code approaches toward creating native mobile apps/ web apps.

How Does Mendix Differ From Traditional Software Development Approaches?

Mendix speeds up the development process with its low-code development process and necessary tools for efficient lifecycle management.

Is Mendix a Programming Language?

Mendix is a low-code application development platform that can create applications compatible with multiple programming languages.

Can Mendix Be Used to Build Mobile Applications?

Yes, Mendix can build effective and high-quality mobile applications.

Is Mendix Suitable for Enterprise-Level Applications?

Mendix can create, test, deploy and maintain both on-premise and cloud-based enterprise low-code applications.