Staff Augmentation vs. Dedicated Teams: Which is the Best?


Staff Augmentation Vs. Dedicated Teams: The Best Choice For MVP Development staff augmentation vs dedicated teams

Staff augmentation is the most popular method for extending your team in the modern software development industry. The dedicated teams model is one of the finest results of the evolution of the staff augmentation model.

But what happens when you compare staff augmentation vs. dedicated teams? Let’s compare them after knowing how they work.

Definition of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing method that allows you to extend your team by onboarding specific professional individuals to fill up the skill gaps present in the current team.

The method requires defining the capabilities of the current team to determine the skills that are lacking in the team. After finding the shortcomings of your team, you can take the help of a staff augmentation agency to fill up the tech gaps for project completion.

Pros of Staff Augmentation

  • It is less expensive than hiring dedicated teams
  • Allows to pick specific professionals suitable for the task
  • Helps free up the internal team members to focus on core business tasks
  • A great option for short-term projects
  • Helps to hit the deadlines efficiently

Cons of Staff Augmentation

  • Team coordination between the internal and the external teams may sometimes be inefficient.
  • Additional training is required in case of more sophisticated projects
  • Management of two entirely different teams can prove to be challenging

Definition of A Dedicated Team

A dedicated team is a remote team of professionals who work as full-time employees on your project. An outsourcing agency mediates between your business and the professional team.

A dedicated team includes the following expert individuals.

  • QA specialists
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • DevOps Engineer

Pros of A Dedicated Team

  • Complete team management
  • Reduced expenses
  • Better scalability
  • Complete control over processes
  • Higher flexibility
  • Better collaboration
  • Close working relationship with the team
  • The same team can be used for multiple projects

Cons of A Dedicated Team

  • More expensive than staff augmentation
  • Team management requires advanced project management skills
  • Expenses can increase since you have to provide all equipment and infrastructure

When You Should Consider The Staff Augmentation Model

  • You have a solid team but need additional help
  • You have a plan to scale your team, project, or business
  • You are looking to add members to your team that are specialized in niche skills
  • You have multiple short-term projects and need additional hands to work
  • You want to ramp up your production

When You Should Consider The Dedicated Teams Model

  • You don’t have a team, but your current team is too busy to handle more projects
  • You have long-term projects
  • Your deadline for a project is very short
  • You need a diverse skill set to handle and improve your project
  • Your niche is more narrow compared to others

To Wrap It All Up

Staff augmentation and a dedicated team model are ideal for adding value to your existing team and completing projects with improvements and a better competitive edge.

Whether you work with staff augmentation or a dedicated team, Impala Intech is always here to help you with your project-related needs.


Do They Offer Similar Levels of Communication and Collaboration?

Both models emphasize communication and collaboration, but dedicated teams might have a stronger focus.

How Do They Impact Project Management Efforts?

Dedicated teams often require less project management from your side due to their self-contained structure.

Can External Team Members Participate in Team-Building Activities?

Staff augmentation might allow participation, but dedicated teams can be more actively involved.

What if I Need to Replace Team Members Due to Underperformance?

Both models can accommodate replacing team members, but staff augmentation might involve quicker replacements.

Are Both Models Suitable for Geographically Distributed Projects?

Yes, both models can be adapted for distributed projects, but dedicated teams might offer smoother coordination.


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