10 Quality Traits of Offshore Development Teams You Should Focus On


10 Quality Traits of Offshore Development Teams You Should Focus On quality traits of offshore development

A good offshore development comes with great qualifications, and it’s easy to tell from the quality traits. Do you have a great team handling your project, or are you looking for one? You’ll need to look for these ten quality traits off offshore development teams in both cases.

1. They Understand Their Goals Clearly

Understanding objectives usually relies on how the product owner or project manager communicates the requirements with the developer team. But when you’re working with a professional offshore outsourcing team with high expertise, you can expect them to understand the goal clearly and concisely.

With a clear understanding of the goals, the development team can better optimize the entire development cycle, resulting in efficient product development.

2. The Team Has Strong Communication Skills

A good offshore team member has all the right knowledge about the best practices of communication regardless of the cultural and regional differences with the client. A good team will communicate with each other and the product owner to maintain consistency throughout the development cycle.

Constant communication allows the product owner and other stakeholders to always stay in the loop, ensuring better transparency.

3. Team Members Possess Niche Skillset

Offshore development team members don’t just come in with basic programming skills. They often possess a more niche skill set suitable for highly sophisticated functionalities in more complex projects.

A good offshore development team will always have one or more people in the team with niche skill sets so they can provide as much unique value as possible in every project, regardless of the scale.

4. The Teamwork And Cultural Collaboration Is Phenomenal

An offshore team is a mix of a diverse group of people from different regions or countries, cultures, and work environments. While the cultural barrier is often pointed out as an offshore issue, a good team knows how to overcome the issue and ensure better collaboration among teammates despite cultural differences.

5. They’re Enthusiastic About Success

The mindset to be rooting for success is great, and it applies especially to your offshore development team. A good team is always passionate and enthusiastic about the project and creates a high-end software product to benefit the end users.

Offshoring development firms deploy creative techniques to find the most passionate developers to include in their offshore teams, and partnering with them can allow you to have a team that is enthusiastic for success.

6. Team Members Show Mutual Respect

Business partners often butt heads, and it’s more common than you think. While this is common, it isn’t acceptable at all. Companies should always try to recruit team members who prioritize mutual respect between stakeholders and the internal team.

A good offshore team creates a great work environment through mutual respect that boosts individual morale and helps achieve goals better.

The modern software market is constantly evolving, and developers need to adapt to modern tech and trends constantly to stay competitive in the current market. A good offshore development team always adapts to all possible tech stacks and trends to utilize them in the project.

When the entire team regularly adapts to modern tech trends, it’s easier for them to create a product that can appeal to the modern audience and comply with industry standards.

8. They Have A Quality Management System (QMS) In Place

There are multiple processes, and implementations of the right processes can improve overall customer satisfaction. One of the most vital elements among them is Quality Management. Expert offshore development teams understand the importance of quality assurance and have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place.

The QMS usually consists of SOPs, templates, and project development guidelines. The guideline also helps all team members to stay on the same page to have a bigger picture of the quality of the product.

A QMS can help developers deliver a high-quality product irrespective of the developer team’s size or the project’s complexity.

9. The Testing Team Is Highly Qualified And Experienced

Offshore development allows you to partner with vendors who have world-class professionals working with them as team members, and you get access to the best talents of the vendors. The skill isn’t limited to development; the team also comes with skilled testers.

QA testers and software testers are responsible for ensuring the quality and seamless functionality of the final product that can increase customer satisfaction.

10. The Team Follows Agile Software Development Practices

Agile software development is the most efficient and streamlined method for creating a great software product within a smaller time frame. If you’re looking for offshore development teams and find a team that follows agile development practices, it’s imperative to partner with that team right away.

Agile development teams are the best when you want an efficient development cycle with constant collaboration between teammates, and the final product is always of higher quality.

To Wrap It All up

Before wrapping up the discussion, let’s recap all ten quality traits of offshore development teams that you should look out for

  • They understand their goals clearly
  • The team has strong communication skills
  • Team members possess niche skillset
  • The teamwork and cultural collaboration is phenomenal
  • They’re enthusiastic about success
  • Team members show mutual respect
  • The team understands modern tech and trends
  • They have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place
  • The testing team is highly qualified and experienced
  • The team follows agile software development practices

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