Top 10 Outsystems Alternatives & Competitors


OutSystems is an excellent platform for creating low-code mobile applications in the current market. It provides business users with a great deal of benefits, including:

  • Data synchronization without an active internet connection
  • Cross-platform support for applications
  • App update with a single click
  • A tracker that monitors every change
  • Great range of guides and tutorials for beginner-level users

However, just like every solution in the market, several alternatives exist.

Today, we will look at the top ten options for OutSystems that are available in the current market.

Top 10 Outsystems Alternatives You Should Consider outsystems alternative

Top 10 OutSystems Alternatives

1. Mendix

Mendix can be considered the closest alternative to OutSystems since almost all the features function a lot similarly, and the overall UI feels pretty identical.

Mendix focuses more on cloud-based operations, making their features more sophisticated. But Mendix and OutSystems offer the same services at different price points.

Even with both software development platforms having similar features and great services, some users think that Mendix is easier to set up than OutSystems, offering better app management options and database customization for complex workflows.

Core Features

  • Centralized governance for all applications
  • Cross-device support for all developed applications
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Enterprise apps
  • Faster development cycle through visual development
  • Multi-channel, multi-device approach
  • One-click approach to updates and function changes
  • Private and public app stores
  • Rapid Application Development Platform capabilities
  • Single dashboard for managing all apps and resources

2. Kissflow

Kissflow is a platform that specializes in automation through no-code development. But that’s only a subset of the solutions provided by OutSystems.

However, many organizations only need a tool to incorporate databases, forms, and advanced workflow functions. Kissflow can help you do just that with swift custom app development and deployment regardless of your industry.

Since Kissflow is a no-code platform, it’s easier for non-technical people to figure out what’s happening in the development cycle than OutSystems.

Core Features

  • Customizable UI
  • Dynamic integration
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Near-instant testing and deployment
  • Wide range of pre-built reusable templates

3. Back4App

Back4App is a backend platform that can automate backend development for low-code applications. This frees up the developers to focus on the front end more.

Compared to OutSystems, which covers all aspects of development, back4App seems like a more limited approach. But on its own, Back4App is an amazing platform with many features.

Core Features

  • Auto-scaling
  • Backup routine
  • Cloud code function
  • Cross Platform SDKs
  • GeoQueries
  • Graphical Interface
  • GraphQL
  • Real-time database
  • Replica set
  • Social login
  • Web hosting

4. Appian

Appian is one of the oldest low-code application development platforms that has changed significantly. Appian is an enterprise-level application development tool that specializes in mobile app development.

Appian’s features make it more appealing to advanced users creating more sophisticated and complex applications.

Core Features

  • Cross-device support for all applications
  • Document Management
  • Effective UI creation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Visual development tools

5. Boomi

Boomi specializes in API management and cloud-based integration. The platform offers great benefits to accelerate your business and development process.

The platform offers a great deal of integration benefits with other systems. While its features don’t cover all the aspects of OutSystems, it’s still a recommendable OutSystems alternative.

Core Features

  • Automatic complex integration
  • Automatic update integration
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Developers can package all application elements
  • Drag-and-drop mixed with point-and-click tools
  • Easier cross-platform implementation
  • Predictive assistance
  • Version control management is easier

6. Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is another highly commendable alternative to OutSystems that specializes in faster development cycles for complete applications and scaling containerized applications in the public cloud.

Core Features

  • Allows to handpick suitable toolset
  • Complete support for multiple different phases of the development cycle
  • Management facilities are easy to build and deploy
  • Options to enable DevOps
  • QA analysis tools
  • Standardized workflow

7. Pega Platform

With low-code functionalities, the Pega platform can turn an idea into an application in a few minutes.

The complexity of the enterprise platform can be pretty challenging for beginner-level developers or citizen developers. Still, regarding professional developers, Pega is a suitable alternative to OutSystems.

The challenge of the Pega platform comes from high licensing costs and implementation fees. Also, customizing the platform to fit specific needs can be very challenging unless you have Pega-certified professionals onboard the developer team.

Core Features

  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • DevOps integration
  • Intuitive User Experience (UX)
  • Pre-built templates
  • Smart automation and visual tools

8. Neptune DXP

Neptune DXP is a great alternative to OutSystems due to its identical features and enterprise-level application-building capabilities. Neptune DXP can easily deal with software requirements regardless of the organization’s size.

Core Features

  • App UI designer
  • Enterprise-level app features
  • Powerful integration
  • Script editor
  • Workflow designer

9. QuickBase

QuickBase is an OutSystems cloud-based alternative that focuses on building databases in business applications. QuickBase also offers workflow capabilities for process automation. QuickBase is often used to develop and deploy CRMs.

Though it offers great features, there are some complaints about how the product hasn’t yet reached the refined state. But it’s not QuickBase’s fault since the platform is relatively new. Even in its current state, QuickBase has proven to be a great alternative to OutSystems for software developers.

Core Features

  • Cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Easy data integration with multiple databases
  • Mobile–ready interface
  • Process automation
  • Single-platform for all tasks

10. Zoho Creator

The best specialty of Zoho Creator is to create that look high-feature and expensive but, in reality, are created in an affordable plan with great low-code tool support. The platform is very simple to use, and the features help the platform qualify as a great OutSystems alternative.

Core Features

  • App personalization
  • Data security
  • Development automation
  • Easy deployment
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Extensive integrations for all industries
  • Pre-built integrations

To Wrap It Up

OutSystems is an amazing platform, but it’s a world where everyone has different preferences, even regarding software development. While we only discussed ten, many more amazing low-code development platforms can serve your business’s right purpose by delivering custom applications that improve customer experience.


Can Microsoft Power Apps Replace Outsystems Effectively?

Microsoft Power Apps can be a viable alternative to OutSystems, especially for organizations already using Microsoft technologies and seeking seamless integration.

How Does the Salesforce Lightning Platform Compare to OutSystems?

Salesforce Lightning Platform is a solid alternative, particularly for businesses that heavily rely on Salesforce CRM and want to build applications within that ecosystem.

Which Alternative Is Best for Integration With Existing Systems?

Appian and Mendix are known for their strong integration capabilities, allowing seamless connections with various databases and external systems.

Are There Open-Source Alternatives to OutSystems?

Yes, open-source low-code platforms like Joget, WaveMaker, and others can serve as alternatives to OutSystems.

Can These Alternatives Be Used for Rapid Prototyping and MVP Development?

All these platforms are suitable for rapid prototyping and building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to quickly test ideas.


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