The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your MVP


If you’re looking for maximum efficiency within your Minimum Viable Product, there’s no better way than to outsource MVP development to a different group of professionals.

To ease the process, today we’ll discuss everything about outsourcing MVP development and provide the only guide you’ll ever need to follow for outsourcing MVP development.

The Ultimate Guide for Outsourcing Your Startup MVP outsource mvp development

What is In-House MVP Software Development?

As the name suggests, in-house MVP software development is when you recruit an external team of professionals excelling in different aspects of MVP building and then complete the entire MVP building process with them.

What is Outsourced MVP Software Development?

In the case of outsourced MVP software development, you contact a team of professionals from a different company with your business idea so that they can give it the form of a product. You commission your thoughts to make them a tangible product ready for marketing.

How to Outsource Your MVP Development

Let’s go through the simple steps of outsourcing your MVP development.

1. Meeting the Team

The first part of employing a third-party team for your MVP project is to meet the team. If you’re working with remote developers, you can meet them in person or talk to them online on a conference call.

But the meeting is not just to exchange greetings. In this meeting, you pitch your initial idea in front of a specialist, who will determine the technical specifications based on your description.

2. Provide the Requirements

After you’ve provided the product idea to the team, they’ll work on the technical requirements of your MVP. This includes the technology stack and frameworks needed to implement the core features.

3. Build Your Team

Pick team members whose skills complement one another. That way, you ensure that your product takes as little time as possible in development.

Once the software developers receive their requirements, they can suggest to you how many resources you’ll need. If you want more output in a faster time, then you’d need to hire more members.

4. Cost and Support

Don’t get committed to an outsourcing company immediately to stay a step ahead. Always discuss with different agencies, and compare their development services to find the most suitable option for your business processes. That way, you can work on cost reduction for all the proceedings.

Another crucial thing to look out for is the support they provide post-service. Talk with the team you are about to choose to inquire about their customer support. If it reaches your mark, feel free to proceed further.

5. Get Deliverables

Once you’ve successfully entered a partnership with your new dedicated team, continue executing your development strategies and ensure you have a complete product delivered to you before publishing.

Once that’s completed, launch your digital product, and continue to provide support in collaboration with the team. Your team of developers can also implement additional features later based on customer feedback.

Why Outsourcing MVP Development is the Best Option for Startups?

The MVP development process can be a challenging task for most startup entrepreneurs. Only some people have the necessary skills to create an MVP on their own, and taking help from professionals to develop a product is a wise choice in the long run.

Here are the top 5 reasons why outsourcing MVP development is the best option for startups:

1. Access To Amazing Talents

When you’re putting together an outsourcing team of skilled developers, you can nitpick the most efficient individuals to ensure your development stage goes smoothly.

With an open market to choose from, you get access to experts from different places with potential solutions to all your problems. Also, with the best hands on your project, you can rest assured that your MVP will provide precisely what you require.

An experienced team of diverse professionals has excellent workplace communication, which creates an agile development cycle. All the experience the entire team brings in ensures that the work is done faster and with finesse.

2. Reduce Cost and Time

The more time an MVP spends in its development phase, the more money and resources it will cost you. Even if the software only contains minimum features on a limited budget, that can be a significant setback.

When you outsource your MVP development, you allow professionals to bring their best performance to the table. They will always determine the best route to the end-product phase with minimal time and resources.

With the essential features ready for real customers within a shorter development cycle, the time to the market reduces significantly since your MVP is already prepared to take on the market demand of real customers.

3. Bring In Domain Knowledge

Bringing a fresh set of minds onboard can open up new possibilities for the development project.

It’s always good to build your product in-house, but outsourcing your development brings fresh minds and unique perspectives into the development cycle. Doing so only drives the rate of success of your product even higher.

4. Ability to Work With a Managed Team

It’s not always putting together the best team to give you an edge in development. Managing the team plays a big part in well-sustained development as well.

Selecting the perfect manager who can guide your in-house team throughout the entire development process can be tricky. But with an outsourced team, you get to work with a team already managed by experienced personnel.

5. Focus On Your Core Business

Building an MVP and shaping it up to be ready for launch can take much time out of your daily work life. With an outsourced MVP, you can focus on your core business.

You also get more time to create a well-designed marketing campaign for your MVP before its launch.

In-House vs. Outsourcing MVP Software Development

To understand which approach is more suitable for you, let’s take a look at the comparison of the pros and cons of in-house MVP software development.

In-House MVP Software Development

Complete control over the development teamHigher development cost
Perfect according to industry cultureHigh employee turnover risk
Each house developer can communicate directly with one otherShortage of local talents

Now, let’s compare the pros and cons of Outsourcing MVP software development.

Outsourcing MVP Software Development

Cost-effective developmentDelivery time may differ
End-to-end serviceCultural differences can affect the development
Immediate access to the industry’s best talentSecurity risk due to online info sharing
Rapid project delivery
Project scalability

As we can see, the pros of outsourcing MVP development outweigh the cons. Considering everything, outsourcing your MVP development can be what you need if you want a smoother project delivery before you publish your MVP.

But that might only sometimes be the case. Ensure that you thoroughly understand your business situation before you decide on the most suitable method for developing your MVP.

Outsourcing MVP Development

Before outsourcing your MVP development to an enterprising third party, here are a few things to consider.

First and foremost is to ensure that you’re engaging in a transaction with an organization that knows exactly what they’re doing and who can handle all the different aspects of the process, such as:

  • Development
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Security
  • Deployment
  • Scaling
  • Support
  • Maintenance.

Why Shouldn’t You Outsource Your MVP?

If you fail to choose an agency that handles every step of the development cycle smoothly and professionally, there’s no doubt your dream project will suffer significantly from it.

There are many agencies out there that implement unethical maneuvers for extra profit. A few of them include the following:

  • Stealing Your Source Code
  • Having Compliance Issues
  • Having poor infrastructure
  • Lack of communication during the development phase
  • Terrible post-launch support

There are well-reputed software development agencies who go out of their way to ensure that every customer they have is satisfied.

At Impala Intech, we’ve successfully delivered to every client on time and are always fully compliant with all the necessary laws, regulations, and requirements.

Our expert project management team will always ensure that your product prototype can be completed within an affordable initial budget and with no excess costs.

Impala Intech takes your Proof of concept (POC) and refines it with free consultation. Then we help you decide which features would be best to get the ball rolling.

If you’re looking for an MVP development agency we might just be able to help you.

To Wrap It All Up

Outsourcing MVP development is slowly becoming the norm due to the benefits it provides a business. It allows you to redirect your focus on other matters while your MVP is being developed. All you need to do is measure MVP success once it’s done and published.

If you’re a startup founder looking to build your own SaaS MVP, Feel free to reach out to Impala’s professional team today!


Is Outsourcing a Good Choice for Your New SaaS Product?

Yes, it is. Developing a SaaS can be more complicated than a regular MVP, and leaving it to a team full of professionals is the best way to ensure the complete stability of the product. At the same time, you make it into a successful startup.

Why Is Outsourcing the Hot Cake for Founders?

Business owners can focus on their business while their MVP is being developed by a team they outsourced it to. The ability to multitask is what makes it more appealing.

How Do Startups Benefit From Outsourcing?

When a basic idea for a startup is outsourced, the founder can continue to create promotional materials and work on sales and marketing before publishing. That way, the product has more exposure and can reach a bigger audience.

Should You Outsource MVP Development?

The answer depends entirely on the concurrent business model of your organization at that moment. If it’s viable for you, you can also build your MVP with internal teams of full-time employees.

How Much Does MVP Software Development Cost?

The development costs cannot be specified since it depends on the project’s scope and the time it takes to achieve that requirement. A great MVP can take anywhere between $15000-$150,000 to develop, depending on the required tech stack and other significant costs.


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