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10 Tips For Choosing The Right MVP Development Agency mvp development agency

Sometimes, the idea of building your MVP can be overwhelming. It’s tough to settle on one software development agency that can help you with business idea validation by creating a digital product.

But how do you choose the right MVP development agency to build your Minimum Viable Product and acquire additional services for startups?

Let’s learn how to choose the right MVP developer for your next project. But first, let’s look at why you should consider outsourcing MVP development.

Why You Should Choose A Reliable MVP Partner

A reliable MVP partner can help you achieve your goals regarding your product idea and business models, along with a few other additional benefits. Here are the top reasons why you should choose a reliable MVP partner.

You Get More Time

Time is the most valuable resource when developing an MVP. When your team spends time developing the product itself and not anything else, your operations can halt quickly.

With your MVP development process resting in the hands of professionals, you and your employees can focus on other organizational activities, increasing efficiency.

The Additional Business Insights Are Always A Plus

When you work with an experienced partner agency, they come in with valuable insights and hands-on experience from similar projects. Industry knowledge of skilled developers can contribute to perfecting the key features of your product, ensuring the best user experience.

A professional and dedicated team will always know an extra thing or two about an industry they are working with, making the product more successful and efficient.

Your Development Is Sped Up With Additional Expertise

When you collaborate with professionals, you get a wide range of expertise added to your team regarding different sectors like UX, design, development, etc.

When your MVP has the concentrated attention of experienced developers, it speeds up the overall development time by shortening the different stages of development.

It also reduces your time to market the entire product and also helps you work on future startup growth as you go along.

You Have Access To More Development Resources

Outsourcing your MVP to a developer agency will always help you save more resources, especially money. When you’re developing in-house, you will need to spend additional time, money, and resources for testing, hiking up the development costs.

When working with an MVP partner, they will test your product for all possible bugs and shortcomings before they deliver it to you. As a result, it saves you time, money, and trouble. That way, you have cost-efficient and can focus on investing in other sectors.

10 Things To Look For When Choosing The Right MVP Developer

Now, it’s clear that choosing an MVP developer agency helps you shorten the process. But now comes the burning question: how do you choose the right MVP developer?

Here at Impala InTech, we’ve analyzed the current market scenario and put together ten things you should check before choosing your ideal MVP partner.

To start looking for qualities in a software development company, you need to start by looking for the company first. This is obvious, but there’s a catch here.

Google can be very specific sometimes, and typing in exactly your intent will get you more narrowed-down results. Keep searching for what you’re looking for by typing exactly what you want in your MVP developer agency.

2. Is Their Website Updated?

Viable app development companies will always have updated websites that showcase their achievements and previous works. The website should also be clean and well-designed that doesn’t have any weird bugs or typos.

Any well-reputed agency takes great pride in its work and will always try to present them professionally on its website.

If you’re looking at a website that hasn’t been updated in forever, it’s time to move on to the next agency.

3. Does The Website Contain Reviews And Testimonials?

When a company has reviews and testimonials from real organizations and people, it proves the viability and credibility of the organization. Trusting an agency online is much more challenging nowadays since anyone can create a website to pose as an agency.

But if you are finding verified reviews from genuine people and other credible organizations, it means the agency is a credible one.

The reviews from people also help you determine how well their business communication is. It reveals how easy it is to work with them.

4. How Experienced Are The Team Members?

A credible agency will always showcase its portfolio of previous works, and it can help you figure out how much experience they have regarding the industry that you’re in.

To get a better idea, you can also contact them to get a brief about their extent of experience working on a project similar to yours.

5. Are They Willing To Sign An NDA?

An NDA is crucial because it ensures that the agency you’re working with will not disclose any information about your product development process to anyone else in the market. Any professional agency will happily sign an NDA to maintain proper business practices.

If not, there is a high chance that your product data or other details will be leaked to your competitor for the agency’s benefit. So if they don’t want to sign, look for better options.

6. Is Their Pricing Affordable?

Pricing can be a huge issue in the current market. You might feel like someone’s charging too much for too little or the other way around. The best way to settle on pricing is the good old comparison method.

You should also consider how partnering with an agency can help you with cost efficiency instead of focusing on hiring tons of stuff and acquiring a tech stack.

7. How Well Do They Communicate During Development?

Communication is very important during development because it helps you keep track of the progress your hired agency is making. You also can let them know what you want to be present within your product with your custom list of features.

Always inquire about the communication methods of the company. Do they set up frequent meetings to update you? Or do they provide documentation of the progress made so far? Either way, there must be a bridge between you and the developer team.

8. What Is Their Development Methodology?

A solid development structure is the fastest way to develop applications. Along with a smooth development cycle, a well-placed structure lets you address issues regarding development even before they appear.

The methodology of the agency you’re working with can affect your product’s development path significantly, so it’s best to inquire about it beforehand. Are they going for the scrum method, or is agile methodology their preference? How does it suit your product?

Answering these questions will ensure higher compatibility between the agency and the product.

9. Is Their In-House Team Dynamic Good Enough?

All right, you’ve ensured they communicate well with their clients. But how well do they communicate with each other?

This is a detail that many startup founders overlook. You can hire yourself the best agency that can cost you an arm and a leg, but it won’t matter if the agency you’re hiring doesn’t have a good in-house team dynamic.

If their in-house team does not sync with each other, it will disrupt the development process of the entire project, and the end result will be a product that will not meet your expectations.

10. How Good Is Their Post-Launch Support?

Many agencies only limit their responsibilities to the timeframe of the product launch. But a well-reputed agency will always provide post-launch support and maintenance to their customer base.

Inquire about the post-launch support in detail when you’re in talks with an agency. Do they provide help with maintenance and fixing an already functional product? Do they provide backup services? And does it continue even after a decent amount of time has passed after launching?

If they answer yes, then you’re good to go.

To Wrap It All Up

So, to summarize the whole thing, here are the ten things you should look for when you’re looking to partner with the right MVP development agency:

  • Start With A Simple Google Search
  • Is Their Website Updated?
  • Does The Website Contain Reviews And Testimonials?
  • How Experienced Are The Team Members?
  • Are They Willing To Sign An NDA?
  • Is Their Pricing Affordable?
  • How Well Do They Communicate During Development?
  • What Is Their Development Methodology?
  • Is Their In-House Team Dynamic Good Enough?
  • How Good Is Their Post-Launch Support?

At Impala InTech, we can proudly claim that we do our best to maintain all the practices above. Are you someone who’s looking for an MVP development partner? Give us a call, and give us a chance!


How Do MVP Development Agencies Help Startups?

MVP development agencies help different startups by taking their ideas and turning them into MVPs.

How Do MVP Development Agencies Manage Product Development Timelines?

MVP development agencies optimize their development timeline by determining the best development cycle and tech stack to cut down as much development as possible.

What Is the Cost of Working With an MVP Development Agency?

Each MVP development agency takes a unique approach to development, which can require different methods and tech stacks. So there is no specific estimation of working with agencies in general.

How Do MVP Development Agencies Handle Intellectual Property and Confidentiality?

When a startup owner chooses a product development agency, the agency signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prepared by the product owner, agreeing not to leak any information about the product. They also follow internal practices to maintain utmost confidentiality about all client projects.

What Are Some of the Risks Associated With Working With an MVP Development Agency?

The biggest risk of working with any agency is that the final MVP may not shape up to be how the product owner envisioned it.


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