Mendix VS. OutSystems VS. Appian – The Final Standoff


Mendix VS. OutSystems VS. Appian - Best Low Code Platform mendix vs outsystems vs appian

The rapid modernization of the current software industry has set a new bar of requirements for all present businesses. To stay competitive and relevant, every organization has to motivate their teams for innovation and faster delivery of products.

Though it started with agile, it has evolved into low-code usage for faster execution. Low-code application development platforms have started to become the industry’s norm, and it has also increased the need for low-code software development platforms.

The current market has several low-code development platforms available, and as the title suggests, we’re comparing the top three of the bunch.

Mendix is the current low-code industry leader, OutSystems is a formidable platform for AI automation, and Appian is well-known for delivering feature-rich applications. So, which one should new startup founders and business owners choose?

Let’s compare them and find out!

Comparing Mendix Vs. OutSystems Vs. Appian

We will compare different parameters of all three, including the fundamentals, to keep the comparison as fair as possible. Let’s start with the basics and work our way to the complexity.

1. Overview


Mendix is a low-code app development platform that operates on a cloud-native architecture. It allows you to create low-code applications with a visual development approach that reduces time to market by simplifying the development process.

Since Mendix is cloud-native, it allows all apps developed on Mendix to possess scalable architectures and mission-critical reliability.

Mendix can help you create enterprise-level applications without any experience with software development or prior knowledge of programming languages or coding skills.

Mendix’s robust features and services include the following:

  • Applications integrated with AI and cognitive services
  • Collaborative development
  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Easy-to-use modeling tools
  • End-to-end process automation
  • No-code IDE
  • Seamless integration


OutSystems is a low-code platform with AI automation and cloud architecture to create reliable business applications with drag-and-drop features.

OutSystems offers a model-driven development environment to its users, helping them create enterprise-grade applications that can offer impeccable customer experiences.

OutSystems comes with the following services:

  • AI automation
  • AI-assisted development tools
  • Cloud-native runtime
  • Collaborative development
  • Enhanced app development process
  • Model-driven development
  • Seamless integrations
  • Visualization tools for citizen developers


Appian is best for managing and automating business processes and workflows. Appian helps you assign tasks to different teams, monitor their progress, and more.

Appian believes in simplifying workflows to increase productivity, allowing developers to build applications 10x faster than before.

Appian’s smart integration and automation abilities can improve customer engagement and user experiences.

Appian is a one-stop-shop for low-code solutions that offer:

  • 17x accelerated application development
  • 50% development cost reduction
  • AI automation
  • Interactive GUI for application development
  • Workflow creation
  • Workflow customization

2. Architecture


Mendix boasts a cloud-native architecture that offers collaborative development through its built-in intranet. The architecture, features, and setup include:

  • Atlas web modeler UI
  • Buzz tab
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Options to customize app configuration
  • Predefined page templates
  • Redesigned Android+iOS apps
  • Visual development environment


OutSystems architecture provides:

  • A dashboard to manage different projects
  • Hassle-free GUI
  • Ideas board for pitching ideas and features
  • Job Board
  • OutSystems URL for private cloud environment
  • Predefined templates
  • User Form


Appian lets you deploy apps faster with a wide range of deployment tools, and these deployments can also work with higher environments in the future.

The deployment packages also allow you to revert unwanted changes by offering complete version control.

Appian also provides multiple different formats to show requested data, such as

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Grid Format
  • PDF

3. Creating Low-Code Apps


Mendix eases application development through pre-built templates. The platform also offers tutorials for more critical app-related templates, helping you get up to speed with development in no time.

You can start immediately with wireframing and UI design instead of setting up a database. You can always do it later to improve the app creation experience.


OutSystems lets you create your database table just from a spreadsheet. You can also create an interactive form and customize its design.

App publication is also as simple as clicking a single button on OutSystems. OutSystems automatically creates tabs for you as you continue developing your app.


Coders only need to use the modeling flow chart to make the process flow diagrammatically instead of manually coding.

The best thing about Appian is that despite not seeming as high-scale as Mendix, it can help you create any application for any industry.

Appian also enables developers to create internal applications for different departments to improve business operations.

4. Pricing


Mendix offers a free version that supports up to 10 developers. You need to pay $1917/ month for a paid subscription.

If you’re looking to opt into the Pro edition, you will have to pay $5375/ month for unlimited app development.

The highest tier comes in the form of the enterprise edition, which will cost you $7825/month for upgraded features.


OutSystems offers a free version that has the upper hand over Mendix since OutSystems supports up to 100 developers with the free version. The basic offering package of OutSystems starts from $1000 / month for 1,000 users.


Appian’s free trial edition comes with minimal features like a separate secure cloud, and you can also utilize all the basic platform functionalities.

The application edition costs $90/user/month. This package lets you create and collaborate with one application with other platform functionalities.

The enterprise edition of Appian will cost you $180/user/month.

5. Limitations


  • One-click deployment facilities are difficult to utilize once the applications are fully built.
  • The number of users Mendix supports with the trial version is too low for many startups.
  • The enterprise ecosystem needs constant upgrades
  • Mapping application objects to a database is more difficult


  • OutSystems requires you to choose the type of application you want to build from the start
  • There are no fully cloud-based options available


  • The documentation process needs upgrading
  • The platform lacks integration with different products
  • The authoring tool is a bit slow
  • Overall, application development is slow

Which Is The Best Option Among All Three?

Let’s put all the information in a more compact format to make your final choice even easier

User InterfaceDrag-and-drop GUI, cloud-native architecture, collaborative development.AI automation, visualization tools, custom code, drag-and-drop designIntelligent automation capabilities and feature-packed applications built with interactive GUI
Built-In FeaturesVisual modeling tools
Reusable components
Automated backups
End-to-end process automation
Seamless integration
Easy backendAPI+Data integration
400+ pre-built connectors
Drag and drop functionality
Unique app crafting
Data integration+migration made easier
Everything is integrated into a single workflow
Multi-experience development
Constant experience
IntegrationsOpen Platform Model API, Platform SDKSeamless integration with any database and systemIt can be integrated with different enterprise, data, and web systems
DeploymentOn-Premise, SaaSOn-Premise, SaaSOn-Premise, SaaS
Use CasesWeb-based customer portal, mobile apps, core systems, agile project managementCustomer experience management, case managementcontract management, research, and development, workflow management
Pricing ModelStarting from $1917/mo for a single app, $7825/mo for an enterprise packageStarting at $4000 for the basic, and $10,000 for the standard package$90/user/month
Free TrialsAvailableAvailable14 days

To Wrap It Up

All these three platforms are capable in their own way, and the choice for you is completely situational. It all depends on the key features you want in your application and the development method that suits you the most.

If you’ve decided to go with Mendix, why not partner up with Impala Intech to create competitive custom apps for your startup? Our professional Mendix developers can assist you with all your low code needs anytime!


How Do the Communities Supporting These Platforms Compare?

All three platforms have active developer communities, with Mendix’s community often praised for its helpfulness and extensive resources.

What Factors Should Someone Consider When Choosing Between Mendix, OutSystems, and Appian?

Key considerations include ease of use, integration capabilities, focus on process automation, scalability, community support, pricing, and alignment with specific project needs.

Can Applications Built in One Platform Be Easily Migrated to Another?

Migration between platforms may require significant effort due to architectural differences, and it’s advisable to evaluate the complexity of the application before attempting the migration.

How Do These Platforms Cater to the Needs of Regulated Industries?

All three platforms are used in regulated industries, with Appian often chosen for sectors like finance and healthcare.

What Is the Future Outlook for Mendix, OutSystems, and Appian in the Low-Code Market?

These platforms are well-established in the low-code market, and the future looks promising as businesses increasingly adopt low-code platforms to accelerate application development and digital transformation.


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