Can Mendix Be Used to Build Apps For The Government?


Can Mendix Be Used to Build Apps For The Government? mendix for government

All federal government agencies deal with sensitive data, including personal information. To keep the data safe in the hands of professionals, there are strict security regulations all software must comply with.

Security requirements of The U.S. Federal Government are very high, and only a chosen few get the honor to take up the challenge.

But such limited tech talent for such sophisticated applications only means that there’s a shortage of software options.

Mendix is ready to step into the ring to tackle all the needs of government apps, whether it’s security or efficiency.

But how secure the apps created by Mendix for the government will be? And what are the possibilities? Let’s get to know right away, shall we?

Possibilities For Government Software With Mendix

As a cloud-native company, Mendix understands the paramount importance of security and end-user trust

Frank Baalbergen, Mendix’s chief information security officer

With Mendix, federal agencies can implement top-of-the-line software products without compromising security protocols.

Mendix secured apps, and Mendix Cloud for The Government is a FedRAMP in-process platform for modernizing legacy systems, streamlining operations, and empowering teams with digital solutions.

How FedRAMP Can Supply Government Software Demands

Can Mendix Be Used to Build Apps For The Government? mendix for government
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A Department of Defense (DoD) can leverage the features of a data-driven security platform like FedRAMP to gain the upper hand in secure application development for cloud-based applications.

FedRAMP adopts secure management for cloud services across the field, providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for all government cloud technologies.

A great example is the utilization of Mendix Cloud by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

How Governments Could Benefit From Low Code Cloud Apps

To understand how low-code cloud apps are a revolution for the Government, let’s start by looking at the past, when all federal agencies have endlessly struggled with security systems with high usability and flexibility.

Even with high technical expertise, traditional software development approaches couldn’t bring great user experience and high security together.

When the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) noted problems with an application developed to modernize immigration proceedings, they reported that “proprietary technology adopted was too complex and inflexible, and releases happened years after the project began.”

This incident is one of many examples that have been prevalent in the field of digital public services for citizens.

If an involved team fails to understand the complexity of the system they are using, or if the system is too inflexible for the common users, it can result in unwanted cyber risks through compromised data.

Mendix Cloud is prepared to counter these issues with secure development environments on AWS GovCloud.

It’s a service solely designed for hosting sensitive data and addressing the strictest U.S. government security and compliance requirements, which can revolutionize all software used by federal government agencies with increased risk management.

To Wrap It All Up

Mendix helps to deploy apps with a direct, pre-existing connection to secure private networks. The support from Siemens Government Technologies helps you set up and manage your hosting without recruiting an entire DevOps team.

A U.S. citizen team manages the operations and is currently situated on U.S. soil, making Mendix the perfect platform for building solutions regarding federal services.


What Kind of Applications Can Be Developed Using Mendix for Government?

With Mendix for Government, many applications can be developed, including citizen portals, permit management systems, and case management applications.

Does Mendix for Government Support Multi-Channel Service Delivery?

Yes, Mendix for Government enables government agencies to deliver services through various channels, such as web, mobile, and chatbots.

Can Mendix for Government Facilitate Collaboration Between Different Government Departments?

Mendix for Government promotes collaboration by allowing different departments to build and integrate applications on a shared platform.

Does Mendix for Government Offer Built-in Workflow and Approval Capabilities?

Mendix for Government provides built-in workflow and approval capabilities, simplifying and automating government processes.

Can Mendix for Government Integrate With Existing Government Systems?

Mendix for Government offers robust integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with existing government systems and databases.