Top 10 Mendix Features You Should Check Out


In the current highly competitive software development industry, having the upper hand with the finest features is always a plus. Low-code development is the new hype in the developer community, and what better than a low-code development platform with tons of awesome features?

Top 10 Mendix Features You Don't Want To Miss Out On mendix features

That’s where Mendix comes in. Before we discuss the Mendix features, let’s start with a basic introduction to Mendix.

What Is Mendix?

Mendix is an app development tool that supports low- and no-code development cycles. Mendix can help you launch your own native mobile app or web app without implementing any complex logic or custom coding.

Mendix is the best choice as a low-code platform when you want to speed up the software development life cycle. The platform doesn’t just let you build the software; it provides tools to help you manage and optimize the entire development cycle from ideation to deployment.

Mendix isn’t just a low-code application development platform; it also supports no-code development. Anyone with little to no experience in software development can become a low-code developer with Mendix and its vast array of tutorials provided by the Mendix Academy.

10 Lucrative Mendix Features

Mendix offers a wide array of tools and features that benefit both business and IT departments, and we’re picking our favorite top ten from the many.

1. Native Web & Mobile App Development

Let’s start with the obvious. The key feature of Mendix is to let you build native mobile apps and progressive web apps. You can use fully responsive web apps, as well as mobile apps that are based on React Native.

2. Custom Coding

Mendix has a huge library of ready-to-use components, but it allows you to create your components with custom codes anytime needed. This includes:

  • Building a frontend widget in ReactJS
  • Creating a backend plugin in Java/ Kotlin
  • Modifying an existing mobile application in Java/ React Native/ Swift

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

3. Scalability

The Mendix team designed the platform with all kinds of business sizes in mind, and scalability has been integrated into Mendix from day one. If you’re worried about scaling in the future, Mendix can handle thousands of connections with its vertical and horizontal scalability options.

4. Complete Lifecycle Management Support

Mendix doesn’t just let you build software for a certain platform; it also comes with a ton of tools that allows you to optimize the entire software development life cycle, which includes:

  • Idea mapping
  • App design
  • Deployment
  • Product launch
  • Software maintenance
  • Improvement through feedback

5. AI-Assist During Software Development

Aside from its wide range of ready-to-use asset libraries, Mendix utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to fast-track the development process. The “Mendix Assist” is a co-developer that will help you speed up development by leveraging AI.

Mendix Assist can help you eliminate most human errors and streamline development, saving time and resources.

6. Cloud-Native And On-Premise Infrastructure Support

While building your product, you can choose to make it either on-premise software or cloud-native software. Mendix offers support for both and can help you streamline both approaches.

If you’ve already created an on-premise version of your app and want to make it a cloud-native app, the one-click cloud deployment feature has your back. With Mendix, your app can go cloud-native by pushing a single button.

7. Better Automation Capabilities

Mendix is a process-first platform that supports each user with automation throughout the development process wherever possible. The extensive automation features of the platform allow you to:

  • Bypass multiple development roadblocks
  • Improve business outcomes
  • Increase transparency
  • Make new feature implementation more fluent
  • Gain complete control over all aspects of IT

8. Included Application Governance Toolkit

Mendix comes equipped with an application governance toolkit that ensures that you’re using the platform effectively, securely, and competently. But why is this important?

When more non-technical personnel are involved in a project as time passes, it’s better to have a system that will reduce the risk of losing control during development. The governance toolkit allows the main developers to retain control over the process.

9. Accessible Tools For Citizen Developers

Unlike professional developers, citizen developers are experts who can bring value during software development, but they don’t know how to code and create software independently. These criteria include:

  • Product managers
  • Product designers
  • Customer service
  • Marketers

These specialists can help reduce backlogs and address concerns regarding the application development process and quality control. Their business insights can influence the development to make the final product appeal to a bigger audience in the long run, ensuring a better customer experience.

To support their potential and utilize it, Mendix has integrated an Intuitive Studio for citizen developers where their ideas can shine.

10. Marketplace Full of Reusable Components

Since Mendix allows custom coding to create customizable assets for product development, there is also a huge marketplace where Mendix developers and community members can share reusable components. These components include:

  • Connectors: They connect your current software logic with external systems, and it’s best for microflow activities.
  • Modules are self-contained app elements involving domain models, microflows, and user interfaces.
  • Widgets: These are UI elements that make site functionality and page interactions possible

How These Features Can Benefit Your Business

There are a lot of other features that Mendix can provide aside from the features we mentioned, and here’s how these features can benefit your business:

  • Accelerates your time-to-market
  • Increases team productivity
  • Builds and improves apps at scale
  • Streamlines feedback management and tightens the feedback loop
  • Decreased costs over time
  • Increases business agility
  • Improves collaboration with built-in collaboration tools
  • Offers ample amounts of application lifecycle management support

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Can Mendix Applications Be Customized?

Mendix applications can be easily customized through visual modeling and pre-built widgets and templates.

Is It Possible to Integrate Mendix Applications With Existing Systems?

Yes, Mendix provides integrations with various systems, such as databases, ERP systems, and cloud services, allowing seamless connectivity and data exchange.

Does Mendix Support Mobile Application Development?

Yes, Mendix supports the development of mobile applications that can run on both iOS and Android devices.

Can Multiple Developers Work on a Mendix Project Simultaneously?

Yes, Mendix provides collaboration tools that allow multiple developers to work on the same project concurrently, ensuring efficient teamwork.

Is It Possible to Deploy Mendix Applications to the Cloud?

Yes, Mendix offers cloud deployment options, allowing applications to be easily deployed to popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and IBM Cloud.