Why Impala Intech Is One of The Best Mendix Agencies For Low Code Development


Mendix has stood the test of time and has maintained the top place for the best low-code application development platform for years. Switching to Mendix as your preferred low-code platform is the best decision you will ever make to stay competitive in the current market.

But of course, it’s not always possible to go through a long onboarding process to recruit a Mendix developer on your team to get started with your project. The reasonable choice here is to pair up with a Mendix agency that can help you create the best low-code application your business can offer.

For your low code needs, Impala Intech is a Mendix Partner agency. Simply put, developers with Mendix certificates are qualified to develop low-code applications.

But how do we perform such a miraculous task of titanic proportions? Let’s find out!

5 Ways We Accelerate Your Mendix App Development

1. Collaboration of Our IT With Your Business

Mendix promotes business-IT collaboration and enables our developer team to collaborate with your internal business teams on all development counts.

No one wants an application that only the developers understand and none of the employees can use.

Our professional developer team follows agile methodology principles and practices and is committed to creating applications with your existing departments, ensuring said apps will be accessible to everyone. There will also be minimal amounts of errors with reduced development time.

2. Innovation-Driven Development

Impala Intech is fixated on continuous innovation. Our developer team members often work on projects that allow them to gather additional development insights and develop groundbreaking solutions that can benefit our clients.

Our team will also share the relevant learnings and maintain complete transparency while delivering top-of-the-line quality.

3. Legacy Integration

Are you happy with your existing core system but need to modernize it? With Mendix, we can also help you rebuild your existing system from scratch to take all your enterprise systems through legacy modernization.

You can get your application completely rebuilt, but now it’s on Mendix and has complete cloud-native features and compatibility while not losing any functionality and without additional cloud investments.

We can also create a hybrid infrastructure by attaching additional modules to the existing structure. Doing so allows you to go through the transformation in phases rather than simultaneously.

4. Introducing The Business With Ways Of Low Code

We always focus on user-centric solutions to overcome complex challenges. Through the power of collaboration, we will walk you through the process of identifying different challenges and then arrange workshops so business team members and developers alike can brainstorm and develop new opportunities by utilizing design thinking.

We also arrange frequent collaborative meetings with our clients to foster innovative solutions through thorough discussion. The goal is always to ensure the best customer experience and guarantee customer satisfaction throughout the user journey.

5. Our Secret To Becoming The Best Rapid Application Development Agency

Want to know one of our finest secrets? We utilize everything Mendix offers for rapid prototyping and iterating to refine and improve existing digital solutions with multi-experience capabilities.

Our design thinking model brings cross-functional teams together to join forces and develop the most efficient solution. Our procedures also emphasize agility and lower time-to-market by accelerating the development process.

Let’s Talk Mendix!

Have we convinced you enough to talk shop with us? Do you have a new idea for developing an application with a low-code development platform but can’t find a trustworthy Mendix developer?

Impala Intech houses professional Mendix development teams who are ready to start your digital journey toward a low-code future with our vast array of Mendix expertise. Team up with us for our low-code development services today!


Why Should I Hire a Mendix Agency?

Hiring a Mendix agency can be beneficial if you want to leverage the power of low code development and the capabilities of the Mendix platform. These agencies have the expertise and experience to deliver efficient, high-quality applications, reducing development time and costs.

Can a Mendix Agency Help Me With Legacy System Integration?

Yes, a Mendix agency can assist you with integrating your Mendix application with existing legacy systems. They have experience working with various technologies and can seamlessly connect your Mendix application to your legacy systems, enabling data exchange and process automation.

How Do I Choose the Right Mendix Agency for My Project?

When selecting a Mendix agency, consider factors such as their experience with Mendix, portfolio of previous projects, client reviews, team expertise, approach to project management, and ability to understand and meet your specific project requirements.

Can a Mendix Agency Help With the Cloud Deployment of Mendix Applications?

Yes, a Mendix agency can assist you with deploying your Mendix applications to the cloud. They have experience working with popular cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and others, ensuring that your Mendix applications are properly configured and optimized for cloud hosting.

Are Mendix Agencies Experienced in Agile Development Methodologies?

Yes, Mendix agencies often have experience working with agile development methodologies. They can adopt agile practices such as Scrum or Kanban, enabling iterative and incremental development, effective collaboration, and faster delivery of high-quality Mendix applications.