How Mendix Solves Enterprise App Development Requirements With Low Code


How Mendix Solves Enterprise App Development Requirements With Low Code

Every modern business is on the path toward digital transformation, and low-code platforms are not just a question; it’s a necessity.

It’s time to stop asking, “Do I go low-code or not” and start asking, “Which low-code platform is the best.”

We have the answer for you too! It’s Mendix, and that’s not just our opinion either. Looking at the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms, you can see that Mendix is the leader of low-code development in the current market.

So, how do you resolve and fulfill all modern enterprise requirements with low code development? To understand where low-code is winning, you must first learn why the traditional method fails to keep up with current market demands.

Why Traditional Development Cannot Meet Modern Supply Demands

To describe it in Layman’s terms, traditional development is just too expensive for the modern market. With an astonishing 76% rise noted by all the CIOs, the long application development lifecycle and costly methods of traditional development cannot keep up with the supply and demand cycle of the current ever-changing market.

The demand isn’t just new solutions either. Both the employees and the customers in the industry are looking for seamless interactions, and their preferred models of interaction come in the form of:

  • Timely updates
  • New technologies
  • Addressing market disruptions
  • Addressing new opportunities.

To put it simply, once again, the market calls for constant change. To keep up with constant change, modern organizations must continue leveraging adaptive software solutions that consist of re-composable building blocks.

This way, any organization, including yours, can start building new services or applications on the go without starting from scratch every time.

However, traditional development cannot support such high-speed development procedures and environment, rendering it unable to meet modern requirements.

If you’re trying to answer every question with traditional software development, you’re only axing your foot (metaphorically) in terms of progress toward digital transformation.

When constantly trying to improve user experience through an iterative approach by rethinking your development strategy calls for a more composable way of thinking and re-structuring your business architecture to support agile development environments and high adaptability.

And, of course, the best way to rethink application development is to create a modular way to develop and deliver solutions to your target audience.

Gartner stated in “Composable Applications Accelerate Digital Business” that 80% of CIOs will list modular business redesign as one of the top five reasons for accelerated business performance.

Take mobile architecture as an example. Rather than creating big apps from scratch that only work as a web app, mobile app, or PWA, an enterprise aimed toward digital transformation and increased agility will create building blocks that allow them to reuse said blocks in different contexts.

How Low Code Development Can Be Your Savior

So, the previous section indicates that you need reusable building blocks to achieve faster development cycles and rapid deployment of solutions. But how do you do it?

The missing piece of the puzzle is low-code development. Your organization can simplify any development process by breaking it down into small blocks.

With a high emphasis on visual modeling and abstract coding, even non-technical business persons can join forces with professional developers to develop solutions that help you capture your target market faster.

Why Building Your Enterprise App With Mendix Is Right For Your Business

Approximately 400 low-code platforms currently exist in the market, and making the right choice can be very tough.

But the Gartner report helps you pick the best from all the existing solutions, and assessing the report gives you a clear idea of why Mendix has been the king of the hill for four years with the furthest Completeness in Vision.

Mendix is your go-to enterprise application development platform in a world where every organization is trying to move toward development democratization.

Mendix’s low-code development platform supports both professional and business developers, and they can utilize the built-in collaboration tools in Mendix to support their efforts throughout the entire software development life cycle.

With Mendix, you can develop a cloud-native application that enables one-click deployment while simplifying user operations and increasing security.

You also get access to version control and an automated testing suite that grants you complete governance over your project.

To Wrap It All Up

You should always choose a low-code platform that fits your business like a glove. When the entire industry is headed towards composability and reusability, there is no better alternative than Mendix to fulfill all your enterprise needs.

Are you planning to develop enterprise apps with Mendix? In that case, Impala Intech is ready to assist you with its best Mendix developer team and QA experts who can assure high quality for your application and your business goals.


Does Mendix Support Integration With Other Enterprise Systems?

Mendix provides robust integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with various enterprise systems, databases, APIs, and services.

Can Mendix Enterprise Apps Support Complex Business Processes?

Yes, Mendix enables the modeling and automation of complex business processes, ensuring that enterprise apps can handle sophisticated workflows and decision-making.

Is It Possible to Customize the User Interface of Mendix Enterprise Apps?

Yes, Mendix offers flexible customization options for the user interface, allowing organizations to tailor the app’s look and feel to their specific branding and design requirements.

Can Mendix Enterprise Apps Be Accessed Across Multiple Devices?

Mendix enterprise apps can be accessed on various devices, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

Does Mendix provide security features for enterprise apps?

Yes, Mendix incorporates robust security features, including authentication, authorization, and data encryption, to ensure the security of enterprise apps and sensitive data.