How to Optimize Your Digital Transformation With Mendix


In today’s software development field, you will always hear the five following terms everywhere:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Digital Data
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Revolution

The age of the digital revolution is here, and these terms are not just simple buzzwords. Every organization is on its path to becoming a digital-first enterprise, and your business is no different.

How To Optimize Your Digital Transformation With Mendix digital transformation with mendix

Application of modern technologies in all aspects of business is the most important part of digital transformation, but developing multiple software to support different aspects of your business is a lengthy and resource-consuming ordeal. How do you speed it up? The answer is simple: with Mendix.

Before we get into details about how you can speed up your digital transformation with Mendix, you need to understand the compulsory components of a digital transformation.

Components of Digital Transformation

  • Technology Application: Implementing different modern tech stacks across all departments in a business to digitize business procedures and reduce manual labor throughout the entire development process.
  • Building Better Customer Relationships: Creating web portals by utilizing modern software development methods to reach out to customers and communicate with them more personally.
  • Utilizing Innovation: Utilizing every modern aspect of the ever-changing market to constantly adapt to the target audience’s changing needs with a fresh approach to software development.
  • Improving Existing Design: Overhauling product design based on customer feedback for a seamless user experience and higher customer retention rate.

Achieving Maximum Compliance: Consider every possible regulation to create a digital strategy that helps execute business functions while complying with all international security and operational requirements.

How To Approach A Standard Digital Transformation Scenario

Now that you understand all the basic components and objectives you must achieve for complete digital transformation, here’s how you can approach a standard digital transformation scenario in three ways.

  • Commercial-off-the-shelves Products: These products solve only one problem of the target audience
  • Traditional High-Code Development: Though highly effective, this method is notorious for high-cost solutions delivered through slow development timelines.

Development Platform: Choosing a certain development platform for creating a scalable digital transformation strategy.

How A Low-Coding Platform Like Mendix Can Help With The Process

Low-code development platforms are the most efficient solution in the current market. Among all existing solutions, Mendix is the current industry leader for low-code development. As one of the most efficient application development solutions, here’s how we think a low-coding platform like Mendix can help you with the digital transformation process.

Business Process Applications Are Much More Improved

With Mendix’s robust application development functions, you can create consumer-grade applications with intelligent automation for end-to-end processes.

You can also integrate custom business and process logic using a BPMN-based visual process editor called “Workflow,” in Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro.

You will also find pre-integrated RPA tools, including

  • Data Capturing
  • document Automation
  • Text Processing

You can also integrate AI functionality and automation assisted by artificial intelligence into your Mendix apps for additional performance and a smoother user experience.

Integrated Data Management

Data management integration for low-code applications helps the developers to discover, understand and connect data as soon as possible, regardless of how complicated the enterprise data landscape may be. With a low-code platform, it’s much easier for developers and non-technical business users to govern and secure data connections.

With integrated data management Mendix, you can also get a centralized, eagle’s eye view of the data to easily write, edit and update data whenever you need.

The latest product in the Mendix Hall of Fame, Data Hub, lets you composite data views from various data sources. It’s a standards-based metadata repository that allows Mendix developers to find, understand and utilize data accordingly.

Better User Experience

User experience can make or break any application. No matter how full of essential features your app may be, it will fail in the long run if the customer engagement is not on par with their expectations.

Mendix allows best-in-the-world experiences across mobile devices, wearables, AR/VR chat, and other channels. Mendix offers different styles of control sheets and customizable templates with endless possibilities in terms of development. This can help your business retain customer loyalty by creating a diverse, modernized customer experience with a sound deployment strategy.

The Atlas UI framework of Mendix also comes with a lot of tools, including

  • Theme Creator
  • Navigation Layouts
  • Page Templates
  • Pre-Designed Blocks

With reusable brand assets and customizable design blocks, you can offer a fine tailor-made user experience for maximum convenience.

Development Time And Resources Are Reduced

Since Mendix apps work on a single-stack, unified code base, it accelerates all aspects of digital transformation. It’s much easier for the developers to check, fix and update components existing within a single code base.

Deployment time is also reduced with a unified code base, which allows for a faster time-to-market in the long run. The advanced tools allow collaboration across departments, ensuring enterprise-wide alignment.

Helps With Building And Testing Apps Faster

You can reduce your development time by 90% with low-code development. With a trustworthy application development platform like Mendix, you can rest assured that your development will be optimized, and the developer team will finish building and testing the app well before the assigned deadline every single time.

Here’s a video for you to check out.

To Wrap It All Up

Mendix’s awesome combination of low code and high developer productivity allows you to stay competitive while utilizing innovative technologies in the modern digital landscape throughout your digitization journey.

Any professional developer with decent domain expertise can make the best of their skillset to speed up and achieve digital transformation goals with Mendix in no time, regardless of the difference in business models.


Can Mendix Assist in Automating Business Processes During Digital Transformation?

Yes, Mendix supports business process automation, allowing organizations to streamline and automate their workflows as part of the digital transformation strategy.

Does Mendix Provide Analytics and Reporting Capabilities for Digital Transformation Initiatives?

Yes, Mendix offers built-in analytics and reporting features, enabling organizations to gain insights and make data-driven decisions by business experts during the digital transformation process.

Can Mendix Help Organizations Become More Customer-Centric During Digital Transformation?

Yes, Mendix enables organizations to develop customer-centric digital solutions, enhancing customer experiences and engagement as part of the transformation journey.

Does Digital Transformation With Mendix Require Significant Infrastructure Changes?

No, Mendix’s cloud-native architecture and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model minimize the need for significant infrastructure changes during digital transformation.

Can Mendix Support Mobile App Development as Part of Digital Transformation?

Mendix supports mobile app development, allowing organizations to deliver mobile solutions as part of their digital transformation initiatives.


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