Benefits of The Dedicated Team Model You Can Leverage


Leveraging the Dedicated Development Team Model can help you collaborate with an agile team whose sole purpose is to complete the development of your product most efficiently. Working with a dedicated team has various benefits, and we’re here to talk about how you can get the most out of it.

Before discussing the benefits of having a dedicated team on your side, let’s start by knowing what it means.

Benefits of Dedicated Team Model You Can Leverage dedicated team model benefits

Definition of A Dedicated Team

A dedicated remote team of developers is provided to a client by a service provider. The provider offers the client a team of professionals as a service. This dedicated team only works on one project that the client assigns. The team works from the service provider’s office to fulfill the business goals and requirements of the client throughout the development process.

A dedicated team operates on a very simple pricing method that depends on the team size, and the fee is to be paid monthly. The pay includes fees for the service provider and each team member.

A dedicated model is best when the project specification hasn’t been identified or can change at any time during development.

When Does A Dedicated Team Model Work The Best?

A dedicated project team structure can be flexible and versatile, but the following scenarios prove why dedicated teams are better

When Working On Long-Term Projects

How can you take on new clients if all your resources are busy?

There are times when a project goes on for an indefinite amount of time and is constantly scalable. A good example of this is a SaaS platform. It requires constant support and improvement. Among all the other outsourcing models, a dedicated team can save a lot in terms of budgeting in the long run.

Not Enough Time / Resources To Build An In-House Team

A company may be on a tight budget and lack the resources to build an in-house team. Finding the right individual team member can take a while, and creating the perfect team can take months. Being able to outsource a dedicated team and call it a day for saving costs is why the dedicated team model is a great choice.

Insufficient In-House Tech / Management Expertise

There are companies where the in-house team can lack technical expertise. In that case, the vendor providing the team can add a few technical experts to the team who can assist the client organization regarding technical management.

Finding The Right Dedicated Team

Here’s how to find and start working with the right dedicated team.


If you’re working on your first project, there are many things you are not quite experienced with. In this case, it’s best to let a professional agency handle most of the work for you and lessen your burden.

If you already have an in-house development team, you don’t have anything to worry about regarding product development.


Different aggregators can help you find a company with whom you can collaborate. These are B2B platforms that provide ratings on different software development service providers. You can filter from these choices according to your required services and location.

Reaching Out

When you only need a specialist or two and are not looking for a whole team, Linkedin is a great place to fish for talent that can suit your work. Choose candidates with a comprehensive profile ready to communicate and cooperate for maximum transparency.

10 Advantages of a Dedicated Teams

Here are the 10 biggest key benefits of working with a dedicated team.

1. It’s The Best Option For Cost Efficiency

It’s very simple: hiring a dedicated team is much cheaper than putting a team of in-house developers and training them accordingly.

Gathering a team of professionals can take a lot of time, and salary expectation varies a lot in the current market. With the dedicated team approach, you can just outsource to one of the proven outsourcing regions. You can easily cut additional expenses for additional resources, making it an excellent lower-cost solution.

2. The Pricing Model & Management Is Transparent

The price models are very transparent when it comes to dedicated teams. You’re paying a monthly fee for both dedicated developers and the provider. The amount can depend on factors like:

  • Project Complexity
  • Required Hours
  • Team Composition
  • Tech Stack

The management of the team is very transparent as well. The provider manages various time and progress tracking measures that you can access with a simple request. Then you can monitor the project progress along with your provider.

You can also maintain consistent communication with the provider and the team for progress updates.

3. The Team Composition Is Flexible

The best part of working with a dedicated team is the flexible structure with an agile approach. Most clients don’t know how to bring in the right professionals with the required skill sets and resources when starting the collaboration process.

That’s where the dedicated team model structure comes in. The product owner can easily add or subtract members from the team to their needs. Sometimes, the service provider will add a technical expert with additional soft skills to the team to help the client with technical management.

4. The Team Knows What They Are Doing

When you outsource to a dedicated team, you get access to a team where every member has skills suitable for your project. As a result, everyone on the team knows exactly what they need to do to make your project successful.

An experienced, dedicated team knows how to deal with different problems during the development phase and is also familiar with risk mitigation. So you don’t always have to keep track of everything and teach them from scratch; they know what they’re doing.

5. The Team Has Higher Task Focus & Adaptability

As the name suggests, a dedicated team is solely dedicated to your project, ensuring higher task focus overall. Each task related to product development gets the highest priority.

The additional focus can bring additional adaptability. When the entire development team is focused on getting it all done, they know the best way to complete the project efficiently. They will adapt to different solutions depending on whatever works best in favor of the project.

6. The Client Has More Control Over The Team

This is a reason why many organizations choose a dedicated team model. Think about it: you are getting access to a team of professionals instantly that comes with all the expertise required to complete a project, and you can control all the aspects.

Not just the developers, you can also manage the project manager, required equipment, and resources according to your project requirement.

7. Development Cycle Is Fast-Paced

In dedicated team development, the dedicated team provider collaborates with the client to understand the specifics and continue the development as per the requirement so the project comes along much faster. Higher development speed is another appealing aspect of working with a dedicated team model.

The project can also be adjusted when needed without spending excessive time and missing any steps. It’s not just about additional speed; it’s about getting everything done efficiently and as fast as possible.

8. Dedicated Team Model Promotes Tighter Collaboration

The dedicated team works closely with the client to achieve clear, visible results and common goals. The team communicates with the client regularly and continues collaborating to make the most of the daily meetings and reports.

They also perform brainstorming sessions to analyze and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, who can emphasize the strong and weak points of the entire process. As a result, you have a dedicated staff where everyone is much more invested in contributing to the project.

9. You Receive A Full Stack of Services

By working with a dedicated team, you become eligible to receive the following services:

  • Big data analytics
  • Custom development for web and mobile applications
  • Data backup and migration services
  • Maintenance and support for IT infrastructure
  • Professional designing
  • Product engineering services
  • Remote hosting services for IT infrastructure
  • Testing & QA

This is pretty much all you need to set up and run an entire project and its agile IT infrastructure, and you can make your custom approach once when you’re working with a dedicated team, depending on your requirements.

10. Continuous Integration With Long-Term Partnership

If a product development project wants to succeed in the long run, the product itself has to evolve long-term. The best way to do so is to add new features while refining the existing ones. Working with a dedicated team is the best way to get the job done.

When working with a dedicated agile team, you don’t need to scale the team with a hiring process before shifting the project to the next phase.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Teams of Developers

Time-Consuming: Balancing Control and Efficiency

Monitoring and syncing up with a dedicated team can be time-consuming for entrepreneurs as they strive to ensure productivity. However, excessive control can potentially hinder project outcomes. Building trust from the start and partnering with reputable Managed Services Providers can alleviate these concerns, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their core tasks while relying on transparent reporting.

Suitability for Long-Term Projects

Dedicated teams are better suited for projects with defined goals and flexible requirements lasting a minimum of 3 months or more. Short-term or pilot projects with clear specifications and deadlines may not be the ideal fit. Dedicated teams excel in long-term partnerships, particularly for ongoing product support and development.

Flexibility of Specifications

The flexibility of project specifications in dedicated teams means that the final product may differ from initial expectations. This can be a potential challenge for entrepreneurs. However, working with industry-leading IT outsourcing providers who possess expertise in dealing with various issues can ensure that the end product is of high quality, even if it deviates from the original specifications.

By considering these disadvantages, you can make informed decisions when considering dedicated teams for their development projects. It’s crucial to strike the right balance and align expectations for a successful collaboration.

To Wrap It All Up

To recap, here are all the pros of the dedicated team model:

  • It’s the best option for cost efficiency
  • The pricing model & management is transparent
  • The team composition is flexible
  • The team knows what they are doing
  • The team has higher task focus & adaptability
  • The client has more control over the team
  • The development cycle is fast-paced
  • A dedicated team model promotes tighter collaboration
  • You receive a full stack of services
  • Continuous integration with a long-term partnership

Do you think the Dedicated Team Model (DTM) is your right choice? There is no universal answer to it. But if you still want to ensure, why not contact the expert business analysts at Impala Intech?

We can help you assess the right requirements for your agency and get started right away!


What Is a Dedicated Team Model (DTM)?

A Dedicated Team Model (DTM) is where a service provider assigns a dedicated team to work on one of their client’s projects, where the team collaborates with both the client and outsourcing provider to complete development tasks.

How Does a Dedicated Team Differ From a Project Team?

A typical project team can work on different projects depending on the project manager’s or upper management’s requirements. A dedicated team will work on only the project they have been assigned to.

How Is a Dedicated Team Organized?

A dedicated team is always organized by the service providers who offer dedicated teams to an organization. These teams are built based on the project requirements.

How Long Should a Dedicated Team Be Engaged?

A dedicated team should be engaged for as long as the project requires necessary improvements.

How Does a Dedicated Team Support Innovation?

In a dedicated team, each team member is set on solving all possible issues regarding the project and completing it. With a flexible team structure, it’s easy for a team to express their opinions and ideas to come up with something new and innovative.


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