How AWS And Mendix Can Speed Up Your Digital Transformation


How AWS And Mendix Can Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

The execution of a digital transformation can take years to implement, and it requires a lot of effort to be perfectly complete.

When you’re planning to bring a lot of systems together and elevate them all to new levels, it leads to a lot of confusion and miscommunications and can even lead to disaster.

But don’t let that stop you from trying to achieve complete digital transformation. The best way to cut the costs short and make the most of the digital transformation process is to take up low-code alternatives.

Mendix is the leading low-code application development platform in the current application landscape, and a combination of AWS and Mendix can help you optimize and speed up your organization’s digital transformation with custom applications.

Without further adieu, let’s start with the benefits of mixing AWS and Mendix for digital transformation with the deployment of applications.

Before that, let’s take a quick look at the benefits first

  1. Customizable Approach To Digital Execution
  2. Higher Efficiency
  3. Cloud-Native Benefits of Both AWS & Mendix
  4. User Integration Becomes Much Easier
  5. Best of The Tech World On Your Fingertips

1. Customizable Approach To Digital Execution

The meaning of digital transformation or digital execution will always differ from one organization to another. But it’s not because they don’t understand the concept.

Some companies are way far down the road, while others are barely getting started. But despite how you define it, AWS and Mendix can work together and create the perfect strategy that suits the current standing of your organization.

The complementary collaboration of the power of AWS and the efficient speed of Mendix is just what you need to speed through the highway of digital transformation.

2. Higher Efficiency

Since its beginning, the goal of the Mendix development team has always been to reduce manual processes as much as possible.

To step up the process to be considered one of the best, Mendix is the first low-code applications development platform that supports AI integration and helps you automate nearly everything.

Mendix also focuses on business-IT collaboration and offers various tools for business users to collaborate with developers.

Even without technical skills, business professionals can bring valuable market insights into the development cycle, helping the developers create an amazing final product.

3. Cloud-Native Benefits of Both AWS & Mendix

Every enterprise in the current market is working towards modernization, and your organization should be planning to do the same, in case it’s not already underway.

Modernization requires many resources, and the best way to optimize the resources is to leverage the combined might of AWS and Mendix.

AWS connectors make the process of integrating AWS apps into your system, and Mendix is the best for integrating into core systems.

With AWS and Mendix in action, you can maximize the existing tech stack, integrate them into core systems with the push of a button, and start pivoting to more modern experiences.

Mendix has been cloud-native on AWS since 2016. Mendix supports different cloud-based architectures, such as:

  • Mendix Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • On-Premise

There’s no doubt that Mendix can meet all your cloud service needs with no hassle.

4. User Integration Becomes Much Easier

Mendix has made AWS integration much easier, making deploying the services for your app users easy.

With the learning path of AWS, anyone with minimal technical experience can easily pick up the intricacies of deploying different AWS services through continuous integration.

When the developers can understand how to deploy services quicker than the rest, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

When the entire team delivers top-of-the-line service deployment, it increases customer loyalty, and that’s the best thing to happen to any existing business.

5. Best of The Tech World On Your Fingertips

Many companies strive to integrate innovation into their work process, but, sadly, many organizations don’t understand the right approach.

The backlogs keep growing, the deadlines become tighter, and the budget becomes more limited with time.

These setbacks make it very difficult for an organization to turn its strategy into a viable outcome. But all that goes away when you bring AWS and Mendix into the mix.

Any organization can bring in innovation in different sectors of the organization, including:

  • AR
  • OCR
  • Photo Recognition
  • Software Portfolio

Mendix is constantly working with its global partners to bring in the next most innovative approach that can be easily implemented through the platform.

Whether in the insurance, manufacturing, public sector, or financial services sector, your innovative ideas can become a practice instead of a distant dream.

Since we are talking about AWS & Mendix, check out this video on AWS Authentication Connector in Mendix 👇

To Wrap It All Up

Struggling to turn your ideas of digital transformation into a reality? The combination of AWS and Mendix can be your saving grace in a tough situation like this.

With its extensive feature set, the Mendix low-code application platform can be your perfect AWS partner and get you complete control over your business process workflow management.

Require additional assistance with low-code development? Impala Intech is right by your side with our team of professional Mendix developers to get working on your business applications.


Can I Use AWS Lambda Functions in Mendix Applications?

Mendix applications can utilize AWS Lambda functions for serverless computing and event-driven functionalities.

Does Mendix Provide a Pre-configured AWS Environment for Deployment?

Yes, Mendix provides a pre-configured AWS environment called Mendix Cloud, which simplifies the deployment process on AWS.

Can Mendix Applications Scale Automatically on AWS?

Yes, Mendix applications deployed on AWS can take advantage of auto-scaling capabilities to handle varying levels of user traffic.

Can I Use Amazon RDS as the Database for My Mendix Application?

Yes, Mendix supports using Amazon RDS as the database backend for applications hosted on AWS.

Can Mendix Applications Leverage AWS Security Features?

Mendix applications can benefit from AWS security features, such as identity and access management (IAM) and encryption mechanisms.